My present work is concerned with games and gambling. I am interested in how people are involved with temptation, risk and winning. The use of certain symbols, talismans and behaviors to realize our expectations is fascinating to me. This activity is present in everyday life and seems to go well beyond the more straightforward casino world. Everything can be a gamble and I see everywhere the use of the magical world to gain success, help us win or keep us safe. I also like all the mechanisms and paraphernalia concerned with gambling.

“The roll of the dice”, “easy money”, “ the luck of the draw”, “manna from Heaven”, and “dealer’s choice” are all expressions that I use as metaphors in my art. I like the familiar faces of the playing cards for my characters because they are subconsciously recognizable even out of context. The Joker is very important. He has many parallels, like the trickster in Native American lore.

I work with all kinds of materials including metal, wood, fabrics, and found objects depending on where the piece is leading me. I will start in a certain way and then allow the piece to evolve. Often it has a life of its own. I like to use classical references in unexpected and humorous ways and to juxtapose the old with the new. My homage to the Old Masters comes in part from their knowledge of what God looks like. Myths of all kinds, western and historical references and personal experiences all blend together in my fascination for what we worship, our superstitions and the search for luck.